Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 211

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Preparations for Kenjaku's plans are almost complete, and Maki delivers the bad news about Tengen and Tsukuma to her allies. The group tries to focus on saving Tsumiki Fushiguro, but are completely taken aback when he is not quite who they thought he was.


The chapter begins with a large beam of light pouring out of all 10 colonies, attracting the attention of the civilians. This suggests that the merger of the Tengen with the Japanese non-magicians is about to begin.
The chapter then focuses on Tokyo Colony #1, where Maki meets Yuji and Megumi. He informs them that Tengen has been captured by Kenjak, but adds that they managed to secure the back gate to the Prison Realm, which was held by an immortal wizard.
Maki then tells Yuji and Megumi about Tsumiki, her younger sister, who is currently being held captive by Kenjaku. She asks Yuji and Megumi to help her save Tsumiki.
Yuji and Megumi agree to help Maki save Tsumiki. They head to the place where Tsumiki is being held captive, but are ambushed by a group of wizards loyal to Kenjaku.
Yuji and Megumi are able to defeat the wizard, but are unable to find Tsumiki. They realize that Kenjaku has already moved Tsumiki to another location.
The chapter ends with Yuji and Megumi vowing to find Tsumiki and save her.
Here are some more details from the chapter:

The Backgate to the Prison Realm is a powerful weapon that can be used to seal away curses.
Tsumiki is a powerful wizard with the potential to become a special class wizard.
Kenjaku is a powerful wizard who plans to use the Culling Game to create a new era of jujutsu wizards.