Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 213

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Sukuna successfully took control of Megumi's body and reigned shock and awe on his allies. Determined to save Megumi and repay her debt, Hana uses the power of an angel to fight Shame.


Megumi Fushiguro faces Reggie Star, one of the Culling Game's four special curses.
Megumi uses his domain extension, "Malevolent Shrine", to trap Reggie, but Reggie is able to escape using his own domain extension, "Red Dancer".
Reggie reveals that he is a clone of Jog's cursed spirit and has inherited Jog's immense power.
Megumi is forced to use her 10 Shadows technique to fight Reggie, but Reggie is still too strong.
Just when it looks like Megumi will be defeated, Yuji Itadori arrives and helps him defeat Reggie.
This chapter was a great showcase of Megumi's power and abilities. He could hold his own against Reggie, even though Reggie was a curse of a special degree. However, Megumi still couldn't defeat Reggie on her own. Only with Yuji's help were they able to defeat Reggie. This chapter also showed the power of teamwork. Megumi and Yuji were able to defeat Reggie because they worked together and used their combined power.

I'm excited to see what happens in the Culling Game. Megumi and Yuji have countered two of the four special grade curses, but there are still two left. I wonder who it will be and how Megumi and Yuji will defeat them.