Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 215

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Sukuna pretends as if Megumi regained control of his body in order to manipulate Han Kurusu. He takes Hana and the angel out, enraging Yuji, who uses his full power to knock down the curse possessing his friend.


The chapter opens with Sukuna mortally wounding Hana and throwing her body off the roof. Yuji, who has regained consciousness and is relatively unharmed, watches this scene and is horrified. He jumps onto the roof to confront Sukuna, who is angry to see him alive.
The boy lunges at Sukuna with a shocking amount of raw power, confusing the Curse King. Sukuna easily counters Yuji's attacks, but Yuji continues to fight with all his might.
Megumi fights Sukuna from the inside and Sukuna realizes that his curse production is decreasing. Megumi is able to weaken Sukuna enough that Yuji delivers a powerful punch to the face.
Furious, Sukuna retaliates with a powerful attack that sends Yuji flying. Yuji is badly injured but refuses to give up. He gets up and attacks Sukuna again.
The chapter ends with Yuji and Sukuna locked in a fierce battle. Who will emerge as the winner is not clear.
Here are some more thoughts on the chapter:

It was interesting to see Yuji fight with such raw power. He was clearly fueled by rage and determination to protect Hana.
It was also interesting to see Megumi fight Sukuna from the inside. This is a new development and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.
The chapter ended on a cliffhanger so it will be exciting to see how the battle between Yuji and Sukuna ends.