Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 216

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Kenjaku reveals the truth about the Culling Game's future and asks about the ritual that Uraume prepared for Sukuna. After using the "bath" ritual to further curse Megumi's body, Sukuna heads to Sendai Colony to confront Yorozu and crush the boy's soul for good.


The chapter begins with Sukuna emerging from the bath having completed the ritual. He now has full control over Megumi's body and is much stronger than before.
Sukuna heads to the Sendai Colony where she encounters Ur Takako and Ryu Ishigori. He easily defeats Uro, but Ryu proves to be a more formidable opponent.
Sukuna and Ryu engage in a fierce battle and it is clear that both fighters are evenly matched. However, Sukuna eventually gains the upper hand and defeats Ryu.
After the battle, Sukuna leaves the Sendai Colony, convinced that he is now the strongest being in the world.
Here are some more thoughts on the chapter:

It was impressive to see how quickly Sukuna was able to adapt to Megumi's body and gain control. This shows how powerful he is.
The battle between Sukuna and Ryu was one of the most exciting fights in the series so far. Both fighters were evenly matched and it was anyone's game.
Sukun's victory over Ryu is a major turning point in the story. He is now the strongest being in the world and it will be interesting to see what he does next.