Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 219

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A thousand years ago, Yorozu discovered Sukuna and her love for him. A millennium later, Yorozu uses all her power to show Sukun the form of her love so she can teach him. Sukuna knows more than Yorozu expects and is aware of the limits of her so-called love.


The chapter begins with a flashback to the Heian era. Yorozu was a young woman who was known for her strength and love of fighting. She was also known for her love for Sukun, a powerful sorcerer who was feared by all.
One day, Yorozu challenges Sukuna to a fight. Sukuna accepts the challenge and the two fight for two days. In the end, Sukuna defeats Yoroza, but is overwhelmed by her strength and her love.
The chapter then transitions to the present. Yorozu is now owned by Tsumiki Fushiguro, Megumi's sister. He uses Tsumiki's body to fight Sukuna.
The battle between Yorozu and Sukuna is fierce. Yorozu uses his Ten Shadows Cursed Technique to create a large number of shikigami, which he uses to overpower Sukuna. However, Sukuna is too strong for her. He uses his domain extension, Malevolent Shrine, to capture Yoroza.
Yorozu is unable to escape the Malevolent Shrine and is defeated by Sukuna. Sukuna then proceeds to kill Yorozu.
Here are some more thoughts on the chapter:

A flashback to the Heian era gives Yorozu a much-needed backstory. It shows us that she is a strong and experienced fighter and that she has a long history with Sukuna.
The battle between Yorozu and Sukuna is one of the most exciting fights in the series so far. Both fighters are evenly matched and it's anyone's game.
Yorozu's death is a great loss for Megumi. She was his sister and she was one of the few people who really understood him. Her death will have a profound effect on Megumi and it will be interesting to see how she deals with it.
Sukun's victory over Yoroza is a major turning point in the story. He has now defeated two of the strongest wizards in the world and is clearly the strongest being in the world. It's unclear what Sukuna will do next, but it's sure to be something big.