Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 1

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 1    


Yuji Itadori, a normal high school student with incredible athleticism, would rather hang out with his senpai at the Occult Club than run track. However, after losing his grandfather, Yuji's club finds itself facing the grim reality of curses. To save his friends, Yuji teams up with jujutsu student Megumi Fushiguro to exorcise the curses and retrieve the cursed object: Ryomen Sukuna.


In a room full of talismans, a young high school student wakes up chained to a chair across from a blindfolded man. The man, Satoru Gojo, asks student Yuji Itadori who "the one" is now. Eventually, Yuji remembers someone named Fushiguro and also shows interest in his senpai. However, Gojo reminds Yuji that he has no time to deal with the others as his "Secret Execution" has been set.

The previous day, Yuji calls Sugisawa Hospital to check on his grandfather, but the old man demands that Yuji attend his club instead. The previous night, Jujutsu Tech student Megumi Fushiguro visits the Sugisawa High campus in hopes of finding a "cursed item". When he doesn't, he calls Satoru Gojo, only to be told he can't return home until the item is found.

At Yuji's club with Iguchi and Sasaki, the student council president threatens to shut down the Occult Club due to inactivity. To prove their research, they told the president of their theory that the students on the rugby field might be affected by something supernatural. However, the President nullifies their argument by revealing that the ticks caused the player's illness. Furthermore, Yuji is registered with the Track and Field Team, not the Occult Club.

The team coach interrupts and asks Yuji to help them win nationals. To make up for it, the two agree to compete on the field. Meanwhile, the Jujutsu Tech student changes clothes and searches the area for a cursed item. He ends up seeing Yuji dominate the shot put competition. Yuji throws the orb like a baseball and accidentally breaks the world record, cementing his place in the Occult Club.

Sasaki and Iguchi reassure Yuji that he doesn't have to stay at their club, but he chose to do so for his own personal reasons. Megumi is impressed with Yuji's performance, comparing him to the higher class Jujutsu Tech Maki Zenin. Yuji walks past Megumi and she notices the cursed energy emanating from a possible connection with the cursed object. But before Megumi can confront him, Yuji rushes to the hospital to see his grandfather.

Yuji's grandfather acts displeased with Yuji visiting because he doesn't want his grandson to waste his time. He tries to tell Yuji about his parents, but the young man refuses to hear it. They argue, but the old man decides to give his grandson an important message. He asks Yuji to use her gifts to save others regardless so he can die surrounded by people. Shortly after, Yuji's grandfather dies peacefully.

After mourning and packing, Yuji goes to the lobby to fill out paperwork. There, Megumi tracks down Yuji and introduces herself. He asks for an interview despite Yuji trying to grieve. He asks Yuji to hand him a cursed item, a mysterious item that the occult team happened upon. To explain, Megumi reveals the truth about the curses.

Curses are created by a large concentration of negative energy created by humans. The cursed item Yuji found is something related, meaning it is dangerous as the talisman that sealed it is weakening. Yuji hands over a box containing a cursed item, but it's actually empty. Its contents are in the hands of the other members of the Occult Club, who plan to remove the seal tonight at school. Megumi is shocked when Yuji tells him, prompting Yuji to question the seriousness of the situation. Megumi responds by saying that it's worse than bad and Yuji's friends will die.

Elsewhere at Sugisawa High School, Sasaki and Iguchi sneak in to unwrap the seal. They do so in the dark to get the right atmosphere and discover the finger in the contents of the talisman. The fire giving them light immediately goes out and curses begin to be born while the students are completely unconscious. Arriving at school, Yuji feels a strange pressure and Megumi asks him to stay behind. Yuji insists on helping save his friends, but the young jujutsu student demands that he stay behind.

Inside, Sasaki hides from the monsters that now haunt the corridors of the fourth floor. Iguchi appears next to her, but a small curse takes over his head. The attention brings a bigger curse that attacks Sasaki from behind. Megumi enters the building and is confronted with another curse. Able to defend herself with jujutsu, Megumi summons her Divine Hounds and orders them to feast on the enemy.

Yuji stands outside and wonders why he is hesitating. He realizes it's because he's afraid of death, but he wasn't afraid when his grandfather died. He wonders what the differences are in the death he now faces compared to his grandfather's and remembers his words about helping others.

The number of curses inside the building grows as Megumi and his God Dogs cut through them to save the students. He turns a corner to find that many curses have combined to consume both students along with the cursed item. Megumi knows she won't make it, but Yuji suddenly breaks through the window on the fourth floor. Yuji knows that his grandfather died peacefully, but this type of death is wrong.

Using his superhuman athletic spirit, Yuji saves his friends and allows Megumi's Dogs to eat the curse. Megumi admits that she is not sure why Yuji helped, but praises him for it. Yuji asks about Megumi's dogs, which are his shikigami, and Megumi replies that Yuji can see them thanks to his experiences today. Yuji admits that he was afraid, but he acted because he wanted to prevent this tragedy and tried to give his friends a chance at a proper death.

As Megumi is about to finally retrieve a cursed item of special quality: Ryomen Sukuna's finger, a curse suddenly descends from the floor above them. Megumi pushes Yuji out of the way and ends up captured by the curse. He tries to summon another shikigami: Nue, but the curse hits him and even throws the young wizard out through the wall. As a result of his injuries, his God Hounds are scattered.

Before the curse can kill Megumi, Yuji jumps into the fray. Despite his incredible athletic ability, he cannot harm the curse without using the cursed energy. After losing his footing, Yuji almost puts his finger in the curse's mouth. He is able to catch it with his own mouth and decides to eat the finger to gain cursed energy in an attempt to save everyone.

Despite Megumi's concerns, Yuji swallows the finger and incarnates Ryomen Sukuna's power. Despite Yuji easily killing the curse, Megumi worries that this is a real mistake