Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 14

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 14    


After the battle with Mahit, both sides went back to their usual routines. Yuji finally returns to school, but his surprise return doesn't sit well with his peers. Even so, the Tokyo students must come together when their rivals from Kyoto arrive at the Goodwill event!


Somewhere in the hot springs in a wooded area, Jogo is relaxing and smoking a pipe. His peaceful moment is soon interrupted by Geto and Mahito. Excited, Mahito strips and jumps into the spring, expressing how happy he is that Jogo's body has grown back. Jogo notices that Mahito is in rough shape and explains that things didn't go well between him and Sukuna's vessel. Mahito asks if it would be better to take a hostage, but Geto reveals that the Binding Vow must be entered voluntarily. Plus, Sukuna would never work with him regardless of his personality.

Mahito realizes that Sukuna is extremely valuable and they should focus on getting him by offering him his fingers. Even if he doesn't stand with him when this happens, a world ruled by curses is assured if Sukuna comes to power. Jogo and Mahito are even willing to sacrifice themselves for it. Geto informs them that his plan is to take back the six fingers stored at Jujutsu High. Jogo doesn't understand why, so Geto explains that Jujutsu High's actions around Yuji are too dangerous. Instead, he allowed Jujutsu High to take the fingers in their possession and begin a plan to take them back.


Elsewhere, Gojo annoys Nanami in one of their regular interactions. Nanami asks him to keep his upbeat attitude for Yuji's sake. Even Gojo didn't think the mission would be that hard, so he didn't mean hard missions for training. Nanami didn't tell Yuji about the finger that led to Junpei's mother's death, which satisfied Gojo. But he submitted it to the higher ups, arguing that Gojo would just give it to Yuji. In another question, Gojo asks if it's okay for Yuji to come back, but the former suggests that Nanami should know better than anyone that he'll be okay.

Suddenly, Yuji appears, excited to return to school, meet the second years as well as the Kyoto students, and reunite with his friends. Yuji and Gojo plan to make a surprise for everyone to get positive reactions, but Nanami thinks his return is surprising enough. Meanwhile, Nobara meets up with Megumi and the second years, confused as to why they aren't packed off to Kyoto. Panda explains that the Goodwill Event is with Kyoto, not in Kyoto. It's held at the school of previous winners and Yuta Okkotsu dominated last year, so this one is held in Tokyo.


Shortly after, Kyoto jujutsu students arrive at the event. Nobara demands that they hand over the souvenirs, scaring Momo. Mechamaru suggests that the two first-years won't be able to keep up, but Noritoshi Kamo believes that Megumi Fushiguro is the most talented witch in the Zenin family. Utahime, a student counselor from Kyoto, also arrives looking for the "idiot" Gojo. He gets there late as usual and gives out souvenirs to all the Kyoto students. As for the Tokyo students, they reveal that Yuji is living with a special surprise. However, Megumi and Nobara are horrified and express the complete opposite reaction to what Yuji expected. They don't look happy at all, they are crushing him emotionally. The Kyoto students pay no attention to Yuji. Director Yoshinobu Gakuganji is also surprised to see him, so Gojo takes the opportunity to taunt him about it, angering the old man.


Angry at Yuji for staying silent for two months, Nobara demands answers. He apologizes and officially returns to his class. While punishing Gojo, Headmaster Masamichi Yaga explains the rules of Team Battle: Spirit Bash Race! The first team to exorcise a level 2 curse lurking on the battlefield wins. It is also populated by many curses of level 3 and below. If the 2nd level is not exorcised by sunset, the team with the most exorcisms wins.


At the Tokyo Team meeting, Nobara punishes Yuji. Panda and Toge told her it wasn't necessary and confused Yuji with their respective jokes. Megumi explains that Toge's power allows him to imbue his words with cursed energy to increase the urge of his commands. Maki asks Yuji to return the Slaughter Demon to her, but he broke it, so she lies out of fear and says that Gojo still has it. Moving on to strategy, he asks how to implement Yuji. Megumi reveals that if the brawl had resulted in a fight without cursed energy, Yuji would have won.

At the Kyoto Team meeting, the Headmaster demands that his students exorcise the curse that is Yuji. He instructs them to kill him with cursed energy so that he cannot be revived this time. Annoyed, Aoi Todo storms out and the headmaster leaves as well. Momo and Kasumi are unsure about killing Yuji, but Noritoshi states that they will all attack him together. At the same time, Gojo meets with Utahime about a potential mole in the school who works with users and curses.


Before the event begins, Megumi confronts Yuji. He can tell that something happened and gets Yuji to admit that he lost someone. But he's fine and says he doesn't want to lose, to which Megumi agrees. Hot on the heels of the event, the Tokyo team heads to the battlefield with Yuji in the lead. However, Maki doesn't appreciate him taking the lead and kicks him aside.

Juju Stroll

Takada-chan stands in front of the camera and introduces a long sushi shop. In the background, the man tells the woman that she should do what Takada is doing, and the woman replies that he would be mad at her if she did. Inside the sushi shop, Takada orders room temperature goat fish and sake. She and another man interview the sushi chef, and through their interaction, the former man questions Takada's age and sobriety.

The scene cuts to Aoi watching it all on her TV. Aoi comments that Takada is drunk and says "That's my Takada-chan" like a sane fan. Yuji and Gojo walk past Aoi and Yuji tells Gojo that OPP stands for "Ocean Pacific Peace."