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Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 2    


After his secret execution is postponed, Yuji is brought to the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School. He is interrogated by the headmaster, who tests his beliefs to see if he is worthy of becoming a wizard.


Megumi states that she will exorcise Yuji as if he were a curse. However, Yuji raises his hands to show that he means no harm and is in control. He says they both need to get to the hospital, but Megumi can't tell if the curse is trying to trick him. Before he is forced to make a decision, Megumi's sensei Satoru Gojo arrives.

Megumi is surprised by his teacher's appearance, so Gojo explains that the elders were making a fuss about a cursed item. He stopped for souvenirs and then came to check on Megumi's progress. Yuji reveals that he ate a finger, which Gojo finds hard to believe. He carefully examines Yuji and realizes that he has actually bonded with Sukuna.

Gojo decides to test Yuji's control by asking him to switch with Sukuna for ten seconds. During that time, Gojo will fight while Megumi holds his Kikufuku, a Sendai specialty. Megumi is brought back due to her teacher's carelessness while Yuji allows Sukuna to take control. Despite being cursed to attack first, Gojo is easily able to dodge all of Sukuna's attacks with incredible speed.

As his student is watching, Gojo decides to show off and hits Sukuna with several mysterious attacks. Sukuna states that jujutsu wizards are difficult at all times and try to finish the fight. Instead, Gojo is easily able to fend off the debris created by the curse and counts down the last few seconds until Yuji gains control.

Surprisingly, Yuji is able to regain control of his body effortlessly. Gojo decides to take him out and tells Megumi that if Yuji can wake up like himself, he will have real potential as a vessel. Megumi knows that Yuji should be executed according to the rules of jujutsu, but Megumi asks her teacher not to allow it. Gojo promises to fulfill this request and bring Yuji up to speed sometime later.

Inside a room full of seals, while Yuji is tied to a chair, Gojo explains that the jujutsu elders have decided to have him executed. However, Gojo was able to plead Yuji's case and his "punishment" was suspended. Yuji has potential as a vessel for Sukuna, therefore he can be used to consume the curse if he were to eat all twenty of his fingers. It would be of value to the Jujutsu Tech, so Gojo convinced them not to execute Yuji until he had eaten all of his fingers.

Afterwards, Itadori visits Sasaki and Iguchi in the hospital. Sasaki blames himself for the incident as the two sit by Iguchi's bedside. Although doctors believed him to be in a stable condition, Iguchi did not regain consciousness. Yuji explains the reality of the situation and puts the blame on himself. Before leaving, he assures Sasaki that a wizard will come to heal Iguchi.

Yuji meets up with Gojo outside the hospital to discuss his decision. He asks if there are many victims associated with curses, and Gojo explains that people are lucky to die a normal death after encountering a curse. They travel to the morgue where Yuji collects his grandfather's ashes and decides to swallow the other finger whole.


Gojo waits for a chain reaction while Yuji fights what appears to be Sukun's influence. However, Yuji simply fights with the rudeness of eating a finger and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has the talent to control Sukun, something the jujutsu world hasn't seen in a thousand years. Yuji doesn't want to be executed, but decides he needs to fight the curses and help assimilate all of Sukun's fingers.

After Yuji's decision, Gojo tells him to pack his bags. Yuji asks where they're going, to which Megumi replies as she enters the room after being treated for an injury. After saying goodbye to his grandfather, Yuji travels with Gojo to the mountains of Tokyo, where the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical School is located. Jujutsu Tech, one of only two jujutsu facilities in the country, is disguised as a private religious school. In fact, it is the pillar of the jujutsu community and the base of operations for all jujutsu wizards even after they graduate.

Before Yuji can be accepted into the school, he has an interview with the principal. The Headmaster has the final say and can directly order Yuji's execution. Disappointed that Gojo is not in charge, Sukuna forms a mouth on Yuji's skin and threatens to kill Gojo first thing after taking over Yuji. Gojo says it would be an honor and explains Sukun's background. When asked who is stronger between them, Gojo is confident enough to declare himself.

They arrive at the principal's office to find Masamichi Yaga creating cute puppets. Yuji introduces himself and Yaga asks him why he wants to enroll in Jujutsu Tech. Yuji replies that he wants to learn jujutsu, but the headmaster asks on a deeper level. Yuji says he wants to help people as someone else's dying wish. Disgruntled, Yaga claims that Yuji will fail because he would only be fighting for someone else's desires.

Principal Yaga uses his cursed corpse, one of his dolls, to attack Yuji until he gets an acceptable answer. Yaga explains the inconveniences of the job, saying that wizards must be highly motivated and a little crazy. It is not something that can be done just because someone told them to. Yaga asks if Yuji will blame his death with the curse on his grandfather as well. He does this to help Yuji realize more about himself as the dolls begin a second wave of attacks.

Yaga asks again what Yuji plans to do at Jujutsu Tech. Knowing that stopping Sukuna is something only Yuji can do, Yuji grabs the doll and restrains it with brute force. While holding on, Yuji explains that he has to stop Sukun if he wants to live without regrets. Impressed by Yuji's response, Yaga accepts the young man into the school and asks Gojo to show him around.

Gojo takes Yuji to his dorm where Yuji asks if he is ready to fight. With Sukuna inside, Yuji can be used as a vessel as well as a locator for other fingers. They exit the dorm to find Megumi next door, disappointed that Yuji will be living so close. Gojo reveals that he will take them both to Morioka Station the next day. They pick up a third-year student: Nobara Kugisaki, a young girl ready to leave the countryside of her hometown behind.