Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 20

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 20    


The Invasion of Goodwill Event is at its peak and Satoru Gojo joins the battle! However, victory can also be empty. Mahito lurks in the background and his plans go smoothly.


While still in the third grade of elementary school, Aoi Todo beat up a high school student and sat on him, claiming that life was boring. Soon after, Aoi gets a call from a woman with a curse circling her, asking what type of women is his type. Meeting her made Aoi feel like his life wouldn't be so boring.

Back in the present, Aoi and Yuji continue to face the strange cursed spirit of Hanami. Todo asks Yuji to trust him as he analyzes the opponent's techniques and concludes their victory. Just as Yuji and Aoi rush towards Hanami, Aoi's leg is caught by Hanami's roots and thrown onto a series of spikes that Hanami created. Yuji tries to go and save Aoi, but Hanami engages him in a fight instead. Just as Hanami claims one is down, Aoi activates her Innate Technique: Boogie Woogie! Hanami is the one who is pierced with spikes instead of Aoi.


Yuji is shocked to see Aoi next to him as Hanami recovers, saying that his technique is simple, which means it's problematic. The duo rush to attack Hanami with Tod activating Boogie Woogie several times to change his and Yuji's position. They both send a barrage of punches at Hanami who can't get out of it. Believing that Todo will use his innate technique again, the Special Stage is instead hit by four consecutive Black Flash strikes from Yuji.

Aoi and Yuji continue to fight the special class. Aoi uses her technique to switch locations with Hanami, who takes on Yuji, both of whom are able to land on top of each other. Yuji thinks about how the special class is getting used to Tod's technique. Black Flash's four consecutive attacks on Hanami weaken the latter, which Aoi thinks about how they can exorcise him. Aoi switches places with Hanami with Yuji via Boogie Woogie and protects Yuji from being harmed by the cursed buds. Suddenly, Takada-chan appears and talks to Tod about Megumi's injuries from the Cursed Bud, Aoi remembers and deactivates her cursed energy barrier, shocking Hanami. Aoi thinks about how he has to thank Takada-chan for helping him during the next national handshake event.


The pair continue to push the special class back to where their battle first began at the river. There, Aoi remembers Megumi telling him about Maka's special cursed tool: The Playful Cloud lying in the riverbed, and also that the trees on Hanami's face are his weak points. Todo switches Yuji to a special cursed tool: the Playful Cloud! Hanami absorbs the life force of nearby plants in exchange for it to be transformed into cursed energy on the bud on his left shoulder. Yuji runs up and Aoi tells him to stop moving just as Hanami is about to activate her domain extension. The curtain above them disappears and Gojo is revealed to be floating above the battlefield.


Elsewhere, Gakuganji continues to face the Juzo curse user Kumiya. He fires a flash of sonic waves at Juzo and discovers that Gakuganji is an effective mid-range attacker and prevents him from getting any closer. Utahime is seen running while on the phone before another curse user, Haruta Shigemo attacks her from behind. Just as Haruta asks what Utahime will give him, Nobara and Mai appear to help Utahime. Much to Haruta's excitement, he claims that he is popular because of how many girls there are. The curtain above them suddenly disappears and Haruta realizes that it hasn't even been 30 minutes and immediately runs away.

Back at the battle between Aoi Todo and Yuji Itadori against Hanami, Yuji is shocked to see Gojo sensei hovering over the battlefield, who notices Yuji's growth, since having Aoi working with Yuji makes sense, he thinks they'll be fine for a while. . Gojo instead confronts Juzo as Gakuganji yells at him not to kill Juzo and promptly cuts off his limbs. He tells Gankuganji to have Juzo healed for questioning and notices that the curse user who faced Utahime has fled and Hanami would most likely follow. Yuji tries to chase after Hanami, but Aoi yells at him to stop, worried that his new best friend would suffer collateral damage. Gojo decides to go crazy and combines Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue and Cursed Technique Reversal: Red together, resulting in Hollow Technique: Purple! The crack caused by Purple causes Aoi to be unable to tell if the curse has been lifted.


Meanwhile, Mahita manages to steal the Cursed Womb: Death Painting 1-3 along with one of Sukun's fingers. He wonders if Hanami is okay as the two murdered school employees lay on his exit, declaring his mission accomplished.

Juju Stroll

Students at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College are asked if they are a cat or a dog. Panda lurks in the background as they give their answers, upset that none of them said "Panda." He sits down alone as Yuji tells him that there were only two answers to the question, either a cat or a dog.