Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 22

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 22    


Tokyo Jujutsu High's first years Megumi, Nobara and Yuji are sent to investigate mysterious deaths linked to their alma mater, Saitama Urami East Junior High. Meanwhile, Mahito and Geto continue their plans and embody one of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.


After arriving home and finding his apartment door with an automatic lock open, Taichi complains about it to the building manager. While angrily complaining on the phone, Taichi doesn't notice the cursed ghost looming behind him. He ends up getting stabbed to death and his profile was added to Tokyo Jujutsu High.


Akari Nitta, the assistant manager for Jujutsu High, takes the first years, Megumi, Nobara, and Yuji to the location of their mission and explains to them the step that connects their deaths. They all attended the same high school for two years. The most likely explanation is that the three were cursed and it took all these years for it to manifest. Megumi also points out that all the dates and locations were different, challenging the idea that the same cursed spirit has traveled so far. They arrive at the funeral where they planned to interview some classmates who knew the three victims. Akari didn't know there was going to be a funeral and reveals that this means he died the same way as the other three. He was killed at his front entrance where his door would not open.


They set out to explore Saitama Urami East Junior High, where Nobara spots some punks smoking and says they should beat them up and interrogate them. The boys notice the group and bow respectfully while apologizing for not greeting them properly, Yuji and Nobara both smirk, proud of themselves for having a strong aura. However, the boys are actually bowing to Megumi, who they haven't seen since graduation. Upon hearing this, both Yuji and Nobara were left in shock as Megumi looked away and merely stated that he went to high school here. Yuji and Nobara are upset with Megumi for not telling them about this when Nobara confronts the boys about what Megumi did during her time at Saitama Urami East Junior High. The boys tell them that Megumi beat up all the punks in the area.


One of the school's faculty members appears and asks why there are strangers on the school grounds. Akari walks up and explains that they have permission to be there, Takeda notices Megumi and happily says hello while Megumi talks to him. It's been twenty years since the four victims graduated, and Megumi wonders if some kind of karma has come upon them. The punks of yesteryear wonder if bungee jumping off the Yasohachi Bridge would qualify. Yasohachi Bridge is a place known for suicides and a hot spot for paranormal activity.


Takeda also mentions that high school students like to test her skills by bungee jumping from her. The boys say it was an older generation thing that kids don't do anymore, but they still hear the stories. One day, four students were found unconscious under the bridge, having failed to show up to school or return home the previous night. Megumi has been there before, as Jujutsu High is frequented by paranormal hot spots. There was nothing special the last time he went, but Nobara and Akari agree that they should head there anyway.


Before the wizards leave, Takeda asks Megumi how Tsumiki is. He replies that he is fine when Yuji asks who he is. Megumi reveals that Tsumiki is his older sister, and Nobara is upset that she never tells them about herself, to which Yuji agrees.

Meanwhile, Mahito and Geto meet about their recently acquired new cursed items: Death Painting Wombs 1-3. Mahito questions why Jujutsu High doesn't destroy the objects, while Geto explains that they can't do that when the special class object is cursed. What they can do is stop his life stream and prevent him from further damage, thereby preserving his existence. The exception is Sukun's fingers, which even after all this time can attract curses and choose their vessel. Conversely, Death Painting Wombs can manifest on anyone.


A normal human unable to see curses even in this life-threatening situation is chosen to manifest one from the womb. Mahito does this by pressing her womb down his throat, turning him into a cursed ghost. Mahito apologizes and asks the newly incarnated curse if they can run some errands for him. At the same time, three High Jujutsu freshmen arrive at Yasohachi Bridge.

After exploring the bridge, the first years end up finding no trace of the curse. The trio meet Akari and tell her about it. Nobara suggests that maybe they have to start over, but Yuji doesn't want to waste any more time since there is 100% mortality in this case and they can't let this curse claim more victims. Akari suggests that it might have something to do with the jump down, but they've already tested that.


One of the punks from the earlier investigation arrives to talk to Megumi on his bike. His older sister, old classmate Megumi, also arrives. She also went to the bridge at night and now when she came home at night, the automatic door was wide open. She sensed something was there and felt the need to tell Megumi since his sister Tsumiki was going with her that night.

Megumi is shocked by this information and tries to play it until the Fujinuma siblings leave. Yuji notices how shaken Megumi really is and asks to check on his sister. Instead, Megumi calls Ijichi and tries to ask for backup, but Ijichi is unable to spare the wizards and suggests they back off if the threat is greater than expected. Megumi knows she can't afford to wait and hangs up. He tells his peers that the mission is now more dangerous and tells them to go home while he returns to the bridge alone.


In reality, Megumi goes to the Yasohachi Bridge alone at night because she doesn't want to put her peers in danger. He remembers how Akari mentioned the test of strength under the bridge, so jumping doesn't matter. If the curse is inside the barrier, the only way to encounter it would be to meet certain conditions. It is impossible to have a domain with a sustainable extended curse technique, which means that the curse domain is similar to that of the detention center and there is no need for a curtain.


Yuji and Nobara then suddenly appear behind Megumi, disappointed that she never reveals anything about herself. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even notice them. They tell Megumi that she doesn't have to share everything, but she can trust them since they're all friends. He explains that Tsumiki is stuck in a suspended sleep state and that the cursed spirit