Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 24

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 24    


The first years of Tokyo Jujutsu High, Yuji and Nobara's fight against Death Painting Wombs Kechizu and Ace has reached its conclusion! However, even winning is worth killing, something jujutsu students had never considered before. Meanwhile, Choso, Geto and Mahito get information about this event.


Yuji and Nobara continue to face off against Kechizu and Eso as Yuji tells Nobara not to touch her blood as Eso's Maximum: Wing King technique barely misses Nobara. Ace tells the students to run with their backs to him as they turn to run, but the queues quickly catch up to them. Yuji asks Nobara if she is capable of running faster to which she says it is not possible as Yuji decides to pick her up and run faster. Nobara tells Yuji that he has his back just as Yuji runs through the nearby forest at extreme speed. He gets away by zigzagging through the trees until they're out of range, but Ace says it doesn't matter, thinking how fast Yuji is despite carrying someone.


Using a more direct route, Kechizu manages to catch Yuji off guard and spits his dark blood at him. Yuji manages to push Nobara away, but the left side of his face is covered in blood. Just as Nobara tries to help Yuji, she is suddenly hit by Ace's Wing King attack after she quickly catches up to them. Ace explains to the first years how their blood is absorbed through wounds and membranes. He then says that Kechizu's blood is not as lethal as his, and also states that Yuji would be able to survive for another 15 minutes or so, while Nobara would have about 10 minutes until morning, with only bones left.


In a flashback, it is revealed how Death Painting Wombs came to be. A woman who was able to give birth to a human-spirit hybrid fled to the temple where Noritoshi Kamo ruled. Where he performed numerous experiments on a woman that resulted in nine pregnancies and nine miscarriages, leading to the creation of nine images of death. For 150 years, the Death Painting Wombs had no one to rely on for their existence. Choso explains to Es and Kechizu how they should side with the cursed spirits, as the world they envisioned will suit the brothers better.


Nobara suddenly laughs and uses the Straw Doll Technique: Resonance on herself to hurt Es and Kechizu, challenging them to play a game of chicken. He asks the spirits if it hurts and tells the cursed spirits to release their technique if the pain is too much for them. Ace thinks about how Nobara's ability reverses the curse on the user and wonders if he should release his technique. Nobara is grateful that her Resonance technique works on Kechizu as well. Ace thinks that no matter how many times Nobara uses Resonance on them, they won't die and since his Decay technique is also still active, they won't be able to move. However, Yuji is unaffected as he is the vessel of Sukuna, who is the King of Curses and has resistance to poison, much to the surprise of Essa, who is unable to do anything as Yuji violently knocks Kechizu down with cursed energy strikes.


As Yuji and Nobara switch places, Eso looks at his younger brother and realizes that he was badly injured by Yuji's flurry of punches. Yuji starts attacking Ace who manages to block them and manages to send him flying which instinctively disabled his technique. Ace reactivates Wing King and forces Yuji back. Nobara doesn't even notice said attack as he is too focused on trying to attack Kechizu. The pain from the disabled technique sharpened her focus, and before Wing King can reach her, Yuji lands in front of Ace, about to punch him. They both channel their energy for a millionth of a second and activate the Black Flash! This sends Kechizu's head an empowered nail, and Yuji's punch blasts Es's right arm off completely.


Distraught, Eso pleads for his younger brother to survive. As Nobara turns around, Kechizu makes one last attempt to take her life and tries to swallow her from behind. However, Nobara quickly jumps in and activates Straw Doll Technique: Hairpin, detonating a nail in Kechizu's head, killing him instantly. Nobara assures the dead Kechizu that Eso will join him in the afterlife. Yuji moves to finish him off, but Ace sheds tears of affection for his lost brother, shocking the young wizard. Nobara also stops as she is surprised that Kechizu's body isn't disappearing, wondering if he is still alive. Both realize that the Deathly Hallows are not just cursed spirits, they are flesh and blood.


Suddenly, a pick-up comes out of the tunnel and speeds down the road where the battle is taking place. Ace gets into the truck and takes one of the men aboard as a hostage while asking the driver to speed up, preventing Yuji from giving chase. The Death Painting believes that he will recover and return to take revenge on Nobara, but notices that she is about to use her Straw Doll Technique on his severed arm and wonders what she is doing. Nobara activates Resonance again, but this time deals a bigger blow to Ace's chest, driving two black spikes outward. He collapses and falls forward from the truck as Yuji rushes towards him. Yuji apologizes before stabbing Ace in the chest. After the Images of Death are killed and defeated, Yuji notices that his hand is burning with Ace's blood. He comments that it hurts, but it's probably not just the blood.


Elsewhere, Choso senses the death of his brothers and breaks one of the board game pieces to Mahito's disappointment. Geto is surprised that Choso can say while Mahito goes to find another game piece. When Geto confirms that both Eso and Kechizu were killed by Yuji and his classmates, Mahito smiles.

At the Yasohachi Bridge, Akari tries to contact the first years, but none of them answer her calls much to her annoyance. Then he goes looking.


After the battle, Yuji and Nobara walk through the forest and talk about Death Painting Wombs. Yuji checks to see if Nobara is okay. She replies that she is fine despite her scarred left arm and the possibility of poison coursing through her body. He wonders if Shoko will be awake and sober to heal her, then notices that Yuji is acting strange. Yuji asks if this is the first time Nobara has killed someone instead of exorcising them. Yuji has had one with transfigured people before, but Nobara doesn't have a problem with it.


The two then arrive under the bridge and find Megumi unconscious, which worries them. When Megumi suddenly wakes up and expresses her gratitude that they are okay. Yuji and Nobara yell in relief at Megumi for scaring them. He was lying with a finger that must be sealed as soon as possible. Nobara plans to call Akari and Yuji offers to eat the finger, but Megumi is against it as they are not sure how many fingers Yuji can take. Megumi then gives Yuji a finger to hold since he has the most energy, but Sukuna mouths Yuji's palm, prompting Megumi and Nobara to immediately yell at Yuji. Up on the bridge, Akari arrives and yells at the three, who ignore her much to Akari's chagrin.


Two days later, Gojo is on the phone with Utahime to check on the status of the mole while bragging about his students' achievements. Utahime reports that she is unable to find any clues outside of the students and will continue to investigate. Gojo approaches Mei Mei with another matter and sends her ten million yen, which she receives and happily

Megumi tells Nobara that Sukun's incarnation triggered the Yasohachi Bridge curse and asks her not to tell Yuji about it. At the same time, Sukuna taunts Yuji for causing all the deaths, with Yuji telling Sukuna to never tell Megumi.


Back at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Maki and Panda are training while Toge sits and watches them. Panda sits down and asks the two if they know what happened to the freshmen, which Maki confirms. Maki stands up and suddenly charges at an unsuspecting Panda, who is surprised.

Aoi Todo and Mei Mei reunite with the Kyoto High Principal. Gakuganji states that special grades are anomalies among jujutsu wizards, and grade 1 wizards are those who adhere to the standards of the strongest wizards. The level of danger and compensation is much higher than any lower level, even semi-grade 1. With this in mind, Gakuganji requests Aoi and Mei. They both made recommendations for Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, Maki, and Panda to be promoted to 1st class wizards.


Yuji is shopping with Nobara and Megumi when he accidentally drops something that upsets Nobara. Nobara yells at Yuji, who quickly apologizes while Megumi turns around in embarrassment, but is suddenly contacted by Gojo sensei. Megumi informs Yuji and Nobara that they are to meet Gojo on a top secret mission.