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Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 3    


Gojo's first year class gets its third and final student in the class. A fiery girl of steel, Nobara is initially indifferent to her peers until she is given a task where she must work with Yuji to exorcise a series of curses. Faced with someone else's life in his hands, Nobara looks back at his past.


A third year Jujutsu Tech arrives in Tokyo to fulfill a dream she shared with a friend named Saori. Yuji and Megumi are waiting outside Harujuku train station to meet her. Yuji wonders why their class is so small and also asks if he thinks he was the third first year to come to the school. Megumi explains that the new student acceptance was granted a while ago and jujutsu students are quite rare.


Gojo arrives and compliments Yuji on his new uniform while revealing that he ordered it with a hood. At the request of the new girls, they are supposed to meet in Harujuk. He notices a man looking for models and angrily asks for an interview. Gojo calls out to her and she is freaked out by his strange blindfold. After putting the items in the coin locker, he introduces himself as Nobara Kugisaki. She adds that the boys who are lucky enough to have her as a female of their group.


Yuji and Megumi introduce themselves, but Nobara is completely unimpressed by the two. Gojo states that they will go sightseeing in Tokyo since it's everyone's first time together. Yuji and Nobara expect an extravagant tour of Roppongi, but Gojo leads them to an abandoned building near a cemetery where a curse has taken hold. Megumi explains how fear can be linked to graveyards, how curses can be invoked, but Nobara interrupts her, asking how the jujutsu student doesn't already know this. She learns that Yuji swallowed Sukun's finger and is devastated.

Gojo reveals that this is a field test for Nobara and Yuji. Gojo gives Yuji a cursed tool, a knife called "Slaughter Demon" that has been imbued with cursed energy. It also limits his use of Sukun's power. Tasked with removing all the curses, Yuji and Nobara head inside the building together. Megumi wants to join, but Gojo stops him, revealing that this test is for Nobara.


They start searching together, but Nobara orders Yuji to search downstairs while she heads upstairs. Yuji disagrees, but Nobara doesn't take no for an answer and kicks Yuji away. While he is confused by her attitude, Yuji is suddenly attacked by a cursed spirit from above. His reflexes allow him to act quickly and cut through the curse with his cursed tool.

Gojo believes that Yuji is already very crazy. He fights curses without hesitation despite being a normal student before. To be an effective sorcerer requires the necessary amount of crazy to deal with the grotesque nature of curses. This field test is to confirm just how crazy Nobara is. Inside, he comes face to face with a cursed corpse that has taken the form of a possessed mannequin. Using a hammer and nails, Nobara stabs the mannequin's face, forcing the curse to reveal itself.


Nobara may have experience, but curses from the city are far stronger than those from the countryside. Their power grows with population because they are born from human emotions. A cursed corpse stands next to Nobara, but her head is destroyed by the nails as the cursed energy flows through them. Soon after, Nobara discovers a small child hiding.

At first the child refuses to come out until Nobara notices that a curse is near. Curse takes the boy hostage and shows his intelligence. Nobara knows that logically she should survive to exorcise the curse, but gives herself up to try to protect the boy. Everything seems hopeless when the curse threatens to kill the child despite Nobara's surrender, so she thinks of her friend Saori.


Suddenly, Yuji bursts through the back wall and cuts off the curse's hand, freeing the boy. Yuji secures a hostage and the curse tries to escape. Before it gets too far, Nobara uses the Straw Doll Technique on the severed arm. With his Resonance ability, Nobara exorcises the curse by impaling his arm and his Straw Doll with a nail.

In the past, Nobara's friend Saori was ostracized by the people of her village simply because she was from Tokyo. To get back to those people, Nobara enrolled in Jujutsu Tech to come to Tokyo. Yuji is confused by her motivations, but he accepts them. Nobara feels that if she stayed in the village any longer, she would be as good as dead. Instead, she is glad to have made it to Tokyo, where she hopes to meet Saori again.


After taunting him with questions about his strange power, Yuji accepts Nobara's thanks, albeit short-lived. The boy returns home after the mission and Gojo offers to take them out to dinner as a reward. Nobara remembers that she needs to get her stuff out of the coin locker in Harujuku and orders Yuji to do it. She refuses, but Nobara counters that they won because of her cursed technique. Yuji replies that his strength helped him, but Nobara believes he got it by eating Sukuna's finger. As Yuji seeks backup from Megumi, the other first year is silent and busy on the phone. Gojo claims he pouted because he had to sit out of practice.

Sometime during the next month, three jujutsu students are called to exorcise the cursed womb, but one dies in said event.

Juju Stroll

Yuji and Nobara play paper scissors to decide what to get for dinner. Nobara wins by rolling the opposite of what she claimed and decides to go eat sushi. Yuji tries to guess where they should go, but Nobara is stubborn as usual. That is until he discovers a special kind of sushi restaurant where your food comes to you on a conveyor belt faster than a bullet train!