Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 4

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 4    


Three jujutsu first years are sent to rescue prisoners from a detention center haunted by a cursed womb. With the potential to spawn a cursed spirit of a special grade, the young wizards are faced with the choice of running away or dying.


Kiyotaka Ijichi, the assistant manager at Tokyo Jujutsu High, brings the freshmen, Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki to the detention center, where the windows have seen a cursed womb. The five detainees remain inside containment block 2 with what could potentially spawn a strange cursed spirit. Confused, Yuji asks about the special mark, which Ijichi thoroughly explains. He also warns them that if they encounter a special grade, their only option is to run or die.

Their mission is to confirm and save all survivors. A devastated mother of one of the detainees pleads to save her son and shoot Yuji. Yuji tells both of his classmates that they have to save everyone, to which they agree. Ijichi casts a curtain, a barrier that hides them from the outside world. Megumi summons one of her Divine Hounds to warn them if any curse is approaching.


They head inside and Megumi is surprised to see that they have entered the Innate Curse Domain. Yuji and Nobara comically panic, but Megumi remains confident that his Divine Hound will sense any threats. The trio move out to find all the people trapped inside and eventually come across their mutilated bodies. Among them, Yuji finds Tadashi, the son of a troubled woman. He wants to bring their body back outside, but Megumi refuses.

Megumi points out that Tadashi is being held at this juvenile center for his second offense of hitting a little girl while driving with a suspended license. He acknowledges that Yuji is stuck on the idea that he can lead people to the right death, but Megumi also suggests the question of what happens when someone he saved hurts someone innocent. Yuji responds to this by asking why Megumi saved him.


Annoyed, Nobara starts yelling at them both, but is suddenly dragged across the floor by a curse. Confused as to why his dog did not sense the threat, Megumi realizes that the God Dog was killed without his knowledge. Megumi says they have to run, but the two are suddenly confronted by a strange cursed spirit. Both boys are paralyzed with fear, but Yuji tries to act first by attacking him with his knife. This action costs Yuji's hand and breaks the knife.

Meanwhile, Nobara is trapped in a strange area surrounded by several large mask curses. Megumi flees the area using Nue, asking that none of his classmates die before he manages to find Nobara. Before Megumi ran away, Yuji tried to ask Sukun for help, but he refused. They were attacked by a special grade curse, and although they dodged her cursed energy blast, Megumi was shocked by its power. Yuji snaps him out of it and asks him to go find Nobara.


Megumi rushes to find her with her second God Hound as Nobara's arsenal withers to the last nail. Without any knowledge of how to control cursed energy, Yuji is brutally punished by his enemy's cursed energy attack. Yuji tries to hold back the surge of energy coming from the curse, but he is simply too weak, both emotionally and physically.

Elsewhere in the domain, Megumi is able to save Nobara just before she is consumed by curses. At the same time, Yuji realizes that he cannot have a proper death and begins to cry as he realizes that he will probably die here. However, this helps him realize that he needs to channel his negative feelings into his fist. He lunges forward with a cursed energy-enhanced fist and tries to knock the opponent back. The Special Class is easily able to intercept Yuji's strike, but buys enough time for Megumi to escape with Nobara and regroup with Ijichi. The divine dog howls, signaling to Yuji that he can safely release Sukun.


Sukuna takes control of Yuji's body and admits that the annoying brat has been giving him trouble. He tries to restore the situation, but the special class refuses to work with Sukuna and attacks him. Sukuna effortlessly deflects the curse attacks and randomly heals Yuji's body. He believes that the curse does not want to leave its place of origin, so death is chosen instead. Sukuna easily overpowers the cursed spirit while Megumi sends Nobara with Ijichi. Megumi requests that Ijichi bring back the 1st rank wizards while he stays outside and deals with Yuji if Sukuna goes on a rampage for too long.


Sukuna continues to dominate the special class, offended that they are considered equals. The curse heals her wounds, but Sukuna quickly puts an end to any idea of ​​being proud of herself. Deciding to show both the curse and Yuji what true jujutsu is, he activates an extension of his domain: the Malevolent Shrine. This instantly cuts the curse to pieces, allowing Sukuna to take back the finger that spawned the cursed womb.

Irritated at being used for the brat's gain, Sukuna demands that Yuji take control. However, after hearing nothing from Yuji, Sukuna smirks deviously.

Juju Stroll

Ijichi bows while on the phone, confusing Yuji and Nobara. The assistant manager explains that he does this because he gets too caught up in the "I'm on the phone" feeling. The first-year girl knows what she's talking about and mentions how she injured her neck several times while waxing. Megumi and Yuji reveal some quirks they have when talking on the phone, before Ijichi asks the freshmen if they can stay on the call and hold the phone against one of their shoulders. Yuji and Megumi show that they can do it, but when Nobara tries, he drops his phone and his screen cracks when it hits the ground.