Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 5

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 5    


Yuji is unable to take his body back due to the effects of overusing Sukuna. The Curse King takes advantage of this and decides to take the body hostage and kill Megumi. Megumi feels responsible for dealing with Yuji and prepares to face Sukuna alone.


While waiting outside the detention center, Megumi notices that the cursed womb's innate domain has disappeared. He believes all he has to do is wait for Yuji, but Sukuna arrives to tell him that won't happen. In an uncharacteristically good mood, Sukuna accuses Yuji of abusing his power without a contract. He tells Megumi that Yuji can't switch back yet, and to stop him from taking control, Sukuna rips out Yuji's heart.

Sukuna effectively takes Yuji hostage when going back means death. Additionally, Sukuna eats another of his fingers to strengthen his control. He prepares to kill Megumi, and Sukuna admits that it's for no particular reason. Megumi sees the irony in the situation and believes that he and Yuji's positions have switched since they first met.


Megumi believes that the only fair thing in the world is that the world is unfair to everyone. He tells Sukun that Yuji will switch back, even if it means taking his own life. However, Sukuna claims that Yuji is a coward who only cried inside when he fought against a special class. Megumi ignores him and notices that Sukuna can use the Reverse Cursed Technique. He plans to fight Sukuna, believing that without a heart he is at a disadvantage and may be forced to heal himself.

Megumi starts by summoning Nue and engaging Sukuna in melee. Sukuna simply plays with him until Megumi lets go of Orochi and lifts him up into the air where he can hit Nue repeatedly. However, Sukuna destroys the Great Serpent and uses the open space to throw Megumi around using strength and agility. Without using jujutsu, Sukuna overpowers Megumi and is forced to release Nue.


Sukuna notices how Megumi's technique works and seems impressed by it. So many question why Megumi would run and waste her talent instead of standing her ground against the cursed womb. Faced with an impossible obstacle, Megumi remembers how his sister was unfairly cursed despite being a good person, and how his father abandoned him. Megumi doesn't believe that karma is automatic, which is why almost no one enjoys true fairness. Therefore, Megumi will save people unevenly, based only on her own beliefs.

Megumi saved Yuji simply because he didn't want to see a good person die. Despite his reservations, Megumi spared Yuji. He believes it's okay because he's a wizard and not a hero. Yuji takes back control of his body as he listens to Megumi admit that he never regretted saving him. Out of time, Yuji succumbs to his injuries and tells his friends to live a long life.


In Tokyo, four mysterious figures walk among the regular crowd. They discuss why the wizard between them used Sukun's finger to test Sukun's power. They end up walking into a coffee shop, where everyone sees the man only through the cursed company he keeps. Meanwhile, Gojo meets Ijichi at the school morgue. Gojo believes that Yuji was set up by higher-ups who deliberately sent Sukun's vessel on a dangerous mission in his absence. Exasperated, Gojo threatens to kill everyone higher up. The school doctor, Shoko Ieiri arrives and admits that she is surprised to see Gojo so emotional. She asks for permission to dissect Yuji's body, and Gojo asks her to put him to good use.


Saddened by Yuji's death, Megumi and Nobara sit on the stairs together. They try to act like they're not mad because they haven't known Yuji for very long, but they can't hide it. The second year jujutsu students arrive to find them sulking. Maki questions why they look so gloomy, but Panda reveals that their classmate has died. This is Nobara's introduction to their senpai: Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda. Megumi also mentions Yuto Okkotsu, but he is currently studying overseas.

Panda apologizes for Maki's rudeness and asks them to attend the Kyoto Sister School's goodwill event. Since the third year student is suspended at the moment, Tokio High needs more participants. The sophomores explain that the Goodwill Event is an annual battle between schools where wizards compete against each other. It takes place in a slow season for wizards as it slows down for incidents this year. In order to strengthen Yuji, both first years agree to participate.


Elsewhere, in a meeting between the wizard and the cursed spirits, the curses explain that they want to make their species true beings of the Earth and gain the dominant position that humans currently have. They came to ask how to defeat a jujutsu wizard. In order to go to war, they will have to render Satoru Gojo unable to fight and make Sukuna their ally. The curses believe that Yuji is dead, but the wizard is not so sure. Somewhere inside the remains of Yuji's soul, Sukuna looks down on him.

Juju Stroll

Maki and Panda argue about whether it stinks or not. The tool's cursed user tells him he should take a bath, to which Panda responds by not sweating and using Febreze every day. Maki asks Megumi and Nobara to sniff the Panda and tell what they think. User shikigami comments that Panda smells like the sun, much to the surprise of his peers.