Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 6

Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 6    


After his own death, Yuji returns to face Sukuna. At the same time, Megumi and Nobara begin training for the Goodwill Event. Unbeknownst to them, Yuji returns to life to undergo his own training under Gojo sensei.


He thought he was dead, inside Yuji's corpse his mind still exists inside the Sukuna Innate Domain. Satisfied with himself, Sukuna sits atop a mountain of skulls and tells the brat not to look at him without permission. Annoyed, Yuji simply replies that Sukuna should come down so he can look down on him. Sukuna feels that Yuji is acting hostile, which is apparently due to the curse basically killing him. Yuji believes they are in the afterlife and is determined to punish Sukun.

Yuji begins to fight against Sukuna, but is quickly overpowered. Sukuna explains that this is not the afterlife and that they are still in a suspended state of existence in Sukuna's mind. He wants to make a deal with Yuji to mend his heart and asks for two conditions. The first is that he can use Yuji's body for a minute after using the keyphrase, and the second is that Yuji forgets about this conversation. Yuji refuses to lend his body ever again, but Sukuna promises not to hurt anyone during that minute. Even so, Yuji doesn't trust Sukuna to keep his side of the bargain.


Sukuna explains that the contract made with jujutsu cannot be broken or Sukuna will be punished. This is because Yuji tried to use Sukun's power without a binding promise while the curse was unwilling. Yuji stubbornly rejects Sukun and punches him, demanding that he be brought back to life without conditions. The two agree to fight to the death to see who gets in their way, and Sukuna promptly slices Yuji's head in half.

Still irritated by Yuji's demise, Gojo rushes into Ijichi. Gojo realizes that he has the wrong attitude and being a teacher is not exactly his style. However, to change the broken foundations of the jujutsu community, he will need to raise wizards with his progressive ideals. In addition, he wants to train powerful allies to fight curses by his side in the future. He believes that students like Okkotsu and Hakari have enough potential to match his own strength. Yuji was another student with potential, so Gojo feels this loss especially.


Just as Shoko prepares to dissect his body, Yuji suddenly comes back to life. Gojo is happy to see his student alive and gives him high fives. He asks Shoko to leave Yuji as deceased in the news to prevent another attempt on his life. Gojo plans to privately train Yuji and prepare him for the Goodwill Event.

In the dining room where Suguru Geto and the cursed spirits are located, one of the waiters senses their dangerous presence. Jogo wants to know what would happen if his curse team tried to kill Gojo. Geto believes that Gojo would undoubtedly survive and be able to exorcise them all. Instead, he recommends using a special class cursed object: Prison Realm. Jogo gets excited and heats up the restaurant. Sensing the impending danger, the waiter abandons his work and immediately flees. His boss goes to greet Geta about his order and immediately catches fire and perishes. Within seconds, everyone else in the dining hall is on fire as well. Jogo claims that he will take the Prison Realm for himself and kill Gojo in return.


Elsewhere, Megumi visits Tadashi's mother to apologize for not being able to save him. He gives her a name tag that he could take so she can have some closure. Immediately after, Megumi comes to train with the other students. He and Nobara are trained to be better at melee combat, while elsewhere Gojo trains Yuji to control his cursed energy.

Gojo uses cans to show the difference between cursed energy and cursed tech. The first can is detonated with pure cursed energy and the second is spun using cursed technology. Gojo compares cursed energy to electricity and cursed techniques to appliances powered by it. Yuji believes that he is about to learn a good cursed technique, but that is impossible. Wizards are born with innate techniques and this can only happen if the individual has enough natural talent. Yuji is discouraged by not having access to 80% of a normal wizard's skills.


Gojo wants to fulfill Yuji's jujutsu fighting style by having him channel cursed energy into his fists. Yuji believes he succeeded in his last fight, but he can't bring it to the surface at the moment. Gojo explains that wizards must train to control their negative emotions so they don't waste cursed energy. To teach Yuji how to do this, Gojo makes Yuji watch movies. The goal of this training regiment is to get Yuji to consistently pour enough cursed energy into another headmaster doll while watching movies. If Yuji doesn't pacify the cursed corpse with energy, it will attack him. The movies are meant to draw all kinds of emotions out of Yuji, and his goal is to maintain a steady flow of cursed energy while Gojo levels up as he progresses.


At school, Megumi questions how she can use weapons alongside her cursed technique. He remembers his exchange with Sukuna and realizes that he can keep the cursed tools in his own shadow. Meanwhile, Nobara is shopping for a new tracksuit and Yuji continues to watch movies. He gets distracted by drinking soda, which causes the doll to punch him. Gojo reminds him to focus more before he leaves to meet the headmaster of Kyoto Jujutsu High. Before leaving, Gojo asks Yuji if he talked to Sukuna, but the student doesn't seem to remember.


Ijichi is driving Gojo towards Kyoto and is due to arrive soon. However, Gojo notices the disturbance and gets out of the car, leaving Ijichi to drive off alone. Gojo stays in the middle of the highway until Jogo crashes right into him. The wizard curiously asks who this attacker is.

Juju Stroll

The sequence is done in a 4:3 aspect ratio and shows a fictional show called "Gojo Satoru's Go Go Gojo." After Gojo introduces himself, he goes to Yuji, who is still watching movies, and says that he might be in trouble. The wizard decides to give his student some advice by asking him to imagine walking down a narrow path and seeing a bunch of college students. As the metaphor begins to turn into something bizarre, Yuji tells his sensei to shut up.