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Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 7    


Gojo comes under fire when a cursed spirit suddenly marks him as an assassin. However, the battle that follows proves to Volcanic Curse Jogo that Satoru Gojo's abilities are on a higher level than his own. Gojo sees this as an opportunity and brings Yuji to the battlefield to teach him about jujutsu battles and domain expansion.


On his way to meet the principal, Gojo notices a disturbance and asks the driver to stop the car. Confused, Ijichi stops the vehicle and drops Gojo in the middle of the road while asking if this is some kind of test. Gojo refutes this idea and makes Ijichi drive off, preparing to be hit by a disturbance at any moment. Immediately on command, Jogo appears above the wizard and tries to crush him.

Gojo avoids the cursed spirit when he hits the road and breaks the pavement. He asks who this curse is, but Jogo responds by creating a volcano that blasts Gojo from behind with a blast of magma. Jogo believes the deed is done, but the most powerful wizard warns him not to write him off as he wipes the ash and lava from his force field.


Gojo is surprised to encounter a curse that can communicate clearly, and believes that in terms of his sheer amount of cursed energy, Jogo surpasses Sukuna at his current level, which means he is an unregistered special grade. He tells Yog that special marks can't keep appearing or it destroys the meaning of the rank. The cursed spirit suggests that Gojo is losing courage, but on the contrary, things are just starting to get interesting for the wizard.

Jogo chose a place to fight that was devoid of people to avoid the wizard Gojo's ambush. He uses Ember Insects to attack the wizards, but Gojo stops them in their tracks. The insect uses the sound to explode, which Gojo dodges, but the volcanic cursed spirit quickly intervenes, hitting the wizard with two more flame attacks. Again, Jogo considers himself the winner too soon when in reality his attacks had no effect at all.


Confused, Jogo asks what's going on. Gojo convinces him to touch the "Infinity" that exists between them, showing him that their hands cannot touch no matter how much the curse pushes him forward. The wizard taunts Jog before Jujutsu hitting him and finishing off his attack combo by unleashing Divergence and Convergence of Infinity Cursed Technique Reversal: Red.

This high energy release causes Jogo to fall through the forest where Gojo continues to beat on him before casting a volcanic curse into a nearby lake. This makes Jogo realize that Geto was right when he said that Jogo would die if he tried to kill Gojo. The wizard disappears for a moment to bring Yuji to the battlefield.


Gojo quickly went to see Yuji and found that his new protégé was progressing through his training faster than expected. He takes Yuji out, explaining that he will be teaching him about peak jujutsu battles; Domain extension. He teleports Yuji to Jogo's location and explains that his student will be watching to learn from this exchange. Jogo suggests that the wizard is crazy for bringing someone who can hold him back, but Gojo believes that the curse is too weak to make a difference.

This infuriates Jog, who literally gets hotheaded and spews flames from each of the volcanic ports on his head. Yuji is informed, but Gojo assures him that he will be fine if he stays close. Jogo activates his domain expansion and traps the wizard inside the Iron Mountain coffin. Domain expansion enriches the user's abilities and also infuses the user's innate technique. Additionally, any abilities unleashed as part of a domain expansion will always hit their target.


Gojo explains that you can parry the domain extension's automatic hit by countering with a cursed technique or escaping the domain, but neither method is recommended. Jogo knows that his domain will nullify infinity protecting Gojo. It bothers him that people look down on him despite the obvious difference in strength. At the same time, Gojo reveals that the most effective way to counter domain extensions is to drop the domain yourself.


Jogo tries to attack, but Gojo activates Domain Extension: Limitless Void. This traps Jogo in a space that feeds him all the information in the universe at once and paralyzes him. While the curse is immobilized, Gojo cuts off his head and removes the barrier. He tries to interrogate Jogo to find out who sent him as Geto and Hanami watch from afar. Geto is nowhere to be seen, leaving Hanami alone to clean up the mess.


Before Gojo can gain any information from the curse or exorcise it, a spear-like plant pierces the ground near Gojo and creates a field of flowers. This momentarily distracts Yuji and Gojo, long enough for the wooden monster to attack the former. This gives Hanami a chance to grab Jogo's head and disappear completely, impressing Gojo with the ability to hide his presence.

Yuji apologizes for letting them escape, and Gojo replies that he wants Yuji and all his peers to be able to cast such powerful curses. For the next month, Yuji and Gojo will battle for training, and then the student will go on missions to prepare for the Goodwill Event. However, Yuji has no idea what a Goodwill Event is. Meanwhile, Principal Yaga is upset with Ijichi because Gojo is once again late for their meeting.


Geto returns to the curse hideout, a domain hidden behind the apartment door. He meets the leader of the group, Mahito, who asks about Jog. Hanami, holding Jogo's head, follows close behind him and enters the area. Mahito says that he is happy to see that they are safe, much to Joga's annoyance. Now that he understands, Geto tells Jogo that they will perform Gojo's sealing on October 31st in Shibuya. Mahito agrees and says they should be tricked into it like they are real people.

Juju Stroll

Geto and Mahito practice next to Joga's head. Vulcan Cursed Spirit wonders what they were doing before Geto clarifies that they are doing Brazilian calisthenics. Mahito and Geto then start playing soccer with Jogo's head as the ball and Hanami as the goalie. In the end, Mahita manages to win the point, causing Jogo to tell himself that he will kill Geta and Mahita later.