Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 4



Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 4 begins with Geta fighting Fushiguro. Fushiguro explains how he managed to reach Jujutsu High to Getou. Fushiguro explains his lack of cursed energy, the cursed spirit that carries his cursed instrument, and his invisibility abilities to Getou. He says that he would attack Rik first, but Fushiguro instead prioritized Satoru as he was the main threat to him.
Getou asks Fushiguro how he knew which door led to the star tombs. Fushiguro says that his Celestial Pact enhances all five of his senses, allowing him to see and smell difficult tracks, smells, and so on. Fushiguro says that Kuroi is probably dead, angering Getou. After a valiant effort, Fushiguro wipes out Getou and humiliates him, Riko, and Satoru for losing to a man like him who can't use cursed techniques.
Fushiguro visits the headquarters of the Star Religious Group with his partner and presents Star Religious Group leader Shigeru Sonoda with Riko's corpse. Shigeru promises to pay Fushiguro and give him a bonus. He explains that he expected them to fail, but seeing that they did, he doesn't mind giving them more treats. He explains to them the origin of the Star Religious Group and why they could not allow assimilation to occur. Shigeru takes Riko away while Fushiguro and his partner leave.
Fushiguro told his partner to assassinate Kuroi, but he refused. His partner explains that he wanted her to be successfully rescued because it would have carried Satoru if he succeeded rather than failed. Fushiguro asks his partner to take him out to lunch, but he says that paying for a man is weird. He only wants to discuss things related to work or hell with them. Fushiguro goes alone and runs into a bloody Satoru. Satoru reveals that he used a reverse cursed technique to survive his attack.
Fushiguro and Satoru fight. Fushiguro tries to harm Satoru despite knowing information about his Limited technique. Satoru is aware of Fushiguro from the Zen'in Clan, so it makes sense for him to understand his technique. Satoru is mortally wounded by Fushigura. Before he dies, Fushiguro tells him that his child will be sold to the Zen'in clan, the clan that rejected him. Fushiguro dies on the spot.
Getou arrives at the Star Religious Group and notices Satoru carrying Riko. Getou reveals that Shoko healed him after his battle with Fushiguro. Satoru asks Getou if they should keep the members present here, but Getou says they shouldn't because the people around them are just ordinary believers.
The episode closes with Getou and Satoru standing on opposite spectrums.