Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 14

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In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 14 titled "Sway", Mei Mei and Ui Ui face off against the smallpox deity, a powerful cursed spirit. The battle is intense and both sides suffer heavy casualties. The episode begins with Mei Mei and Ui Ui arriving at Shibuya Station, where the smallpox deity is located. The smallpox deity is a powerful cursed spirit that can create a virus that can spread quickly and easily. Mei Mei and Ui Ui begin their battle against the smallpox deity by using their cursed techniques to attack him. Mei Mei uses her "Thousand Needles" technique to fire a flurry of needles at the Smallpox Deity, while Ui Ui uses her "Blue Flash" technique to create a powerful shockwave. Smallpox Deity is able to dodge most of Mei Mei's attacks, but Ui Ui's Blue Lightning Technique is able to land a direct hit. However, the smallpox deity is not defeated and is quick to take revenge. The smallpox deity uses his virus to infect Mei Mei and Ui Ui. Mei Mei is able to use her cursed technique to suppress the virus, but Ui Ui is not so lucky. He is quickly overcome by the virus and collapses. Mei Mei is forced to fight the smallpox deity alone. She can use her cursed technique to create a barrier that protects her from the virus. However, the smallpox deity is still a powerful adversary, and Mei Mei is eventually overpowered. Just when it looks like the smallpox deity is about to defeat Mei Mei, Megumi Fushiguro arrives to help. Megumi uses her cursed technique to seal away the smallpox deity and the battle is over. The episode ends with Mei Mei and Ui Ui recovering from their injuries. Ui Ui is still alive but in critical condition. Mei Mei is relieved that they are both alive, but she is also determined to find a way to cure Ui Ui of the virus. Main Plot Points: Mei Mei and Ui Ui stand against the Smallpox Deity. The smallpox deity infects Mei Mei and Ui Ui with his virus. Megumi Fushiguro comes to Mei Mei's aid. The smallpox deity is sealed away. Analysis: Episode 14 is a well-crafted and exciting episode that features a series of intense battles. The battle between Mei Mei and the Smallpox Deity is particularly impressive as it shows the strength of both sides. The episode also features some important character development for Mei Mei. In the previous installments, Mei Mei was shown to be a ruthless and calculating character. However, in this episode it is revealed that she is willing to put her own life on the line to protect Ui Ui. This shows that Mei Mei is not as cold-blooded as she seems and that she is capable of great acts of kindness. Overall, episode 14 is a strong episode that continues the momentum of the Shibuya Incident arc.