Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 22

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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 22

 Episode 22 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 begins with Panda looking for Kusakabe. Once found, Panada and Kusakabe discuss everything that has happened with Yuji so far. Kusakabe informs Panda that he is in favor of Yuji's execution if it comes to that. While Mei Mei is discussing business matters with someone on the phone, Choso plans to reveal the truth about her connection with Yuji. At the same time, Suguru's double asks Mahito if he wants him to save him.

Realizing that Suguru is nearby, Yuji attacks him and demands that he free Satoru from his imprisonment. While discussing curse techniques and other matters, the doppelganger forces Mahita into a spirit sphere. Afterwards, Suguru discusses the concept of Uzumaki, the ultimate art of cursed spirit manipulation. He says that he combines the absorbed cursed spirits into one, creating high-density cursed energy that can be used to fight their enemies.

He explains this concept further and digests the spiritual realm. Momo, Miwa and the others arrive to fight the doppelganger. The double is used by Uzumaki to attack Miwa. Kusakabe and Utahime arrive and protect her. Panda comes and comforts Yuji. Kamo says that Panda Satoru is stuck in the prison realm, while Panda tells Kamo that the Suguru in front of them is not the real Suguru. Choso arrives and confirms that the doppelganger's true identity is Kamo Noritoshi.

Utahime gives everyone information about Noritoshi's past. Noritoshi says it's one of his many nicknames. Choso approaches Noritoshi, enraged that Noritoshi almost forced him to kill Yuji, who happens to be Choso's brother. Uraume arrives and stops Chos from continuing. We then receive information about Chos' ability to sense any changes from his blood siblings. Sensing Yuji's death, he believes that Yuji is one of his blood-related younger brothers.

Determined to make Noritoshi pay, Choso confronts Noritoshi and fights him for a while. Panda, Yuji, and Kamo come up with a plan to help Chos fight. Before they can enact it, Uraume uses his reverse curse technique to prevent everyone, including Chosa, from harming Noritoshi. Before Uraume can hurt Choso, Yuji intervenes and confirms that he dodged Uraume's attack. Momo attempts to attack Uraume and Noritoshi, but Uraume easily parries her attack.

Uraume unleashes another technique and plans to secure Yuji as Noritoshi wants him as a messenger. However, Yuki arrives to save Yuji. He recognizes Noritoshi as Suguru. The episode ends with her asking him about his favorite type of woman.

Episode review

We are slowly approaching the finish line with Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and this chapter was hard to sit through. With its complex, informative dialogues, amazing action sequences and character arrivals, everything about this episode was tense and chaotic. While the information surrounding Uzumaki was fascinating, some viewers will find it difficult to understand what happened in this chapter.

However, it's great that we now have a name for this Suguru lookalike. Hopefully, the next episode can shed more light on Noritoshi's history, as many may wonder how and when he earned the moniker "terrible wizard".

Plus, it's interesting to see Choso fighting alongside our heroes. Some might not have expected him, Jogo, and Hanami to make it out of this arc alive. Hopefully the story after this one will further develop his character and newfound relationship with Yuji.

Overall, this was a mildly enjoyable episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2. While not the best structurally, it offers enough decent content to keep fans interested. We'll have to wait and see how the final episode compares.